COLLINGWOOD RIGBY LLP Complaints Procedure


1.0 Introduction

Collingwood Rigby is responsive to the needs of our clients and customers. We welcome comments as a means of improving our services to you. We will always be professional and courteous in dealing with issues that you may wish to escalate to a complaint.


2.0 Method

We will act as quickly as possible in responding to you.

If you have a complaint, in the first instance please discuss this with a member of the team who if possible will work with you to try and resolve the matter.

In this instance the complaint can either be verbal or written.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint or, if you feel the complaint warrants further investigation then we ask you to register your complaint in writing addressed to “The Management Team”.

Your letter should contain a clear statement of your concerns, including any supporting documentation and should explain how you wish your complaint to be resolved.

Your complaint will then be acknowledged in writing within 48 hours of receipt and further action will then be taken in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Members of Team and Areas of Responsibility

Rupert Jeffries - Partner
Property Asset Management.

Simon Pitchford - Partner
Landlord & Tenant
RICS Compliance

Jonathan Ward – Partner
Property Investment

Jeff Moss - Partner
Finance and Accounts Payable


3.0 Time Scales

Collingwood Rigby LLP aims to provide a response to your complaint within 48 hours of receiving your letter, although in complex cases this may take longer and we will endeavour to keep you notified of progress and any reasons for delay.

In all cases we will endeavour to resolve your issue promptly.


4.0 Who can complain?

  • Companies or Individuals who occupy properties where we act for the Landlord.
  • Clients.


5.0 Communication

5.1 Write to:

The Management Team Collingwood Rigby LLP
Ipsley Barn
Berrington Close
B98 0TJ


5.2 E-mail addresses of the Management Team

[email protected]


6.0 Potential Outcomes

6.1 To uphold the complaint (and take action accordingly)

6.2 To dismiss the complaint where it is judged there is no action that Collingwood Rigby LLP can take to resolve the matter or where it is deemed to be no case to answer or that the complaint is trivial, malicious or vexatious.

6.3 The complaints procedure cannot be used for:

  • Matters where the courts have already become involved
  • Matters where police action is pending or a criminal charge has been laid.